RURAL TOURISM IN SERBIA

Our garden

Close to the city of Raska.

Close to the monastery Studenica Serbia.

Monastery Studenica

The cottages are located on 1100m altitude.

The coordinates are;   43°24’56.0″N   20°28’55.0″E



Our household owns  three objects for renting.The first is an object that we call Old house,which contains three rooms, a bathroom and a living room with fireplace and TV.The second accommodation is a log cabin apartment,which has five beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room with TV. The third house is a smaller wooden apartment and has four beds, a small kitchen, a living room and a bathroom.

The other characteristic regarding the Rudno’s tradition is certainly cooking, which is transferred from generation to generation,and it is based on planting mountain grains like buckwheat and white corn, also wild fruits-blueberries, raspberries,juniper and mushrooms;and breeding livestock-sheep and cattle;and of course potatoes.

Type of accommodation: LOG CABIN

Double rooms: 3

Multi rooms (with more than two beds) : 1

Apartments: 1

Number of bathrooms: 2




Apartments   ” VILA  SELENA”  Rudno

mob. +381 65 351 8644

e-mail:     vilaselena@yahoo.com